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With a unified data engine for transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB powers fast, real-time analytics and applications.
SingleStore database

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SingleStoreDB unifies transactions and analytics in a single engine to drive low-latency access to large datasets, simplifying the development of fast, modern enterprise applications.
Built for developers and architects, SingleStoreDB is based on a distributed SQL architecture, delivering 10-100 millisecond performance on complex queries — all while ensuring your business can effortlessly scale.
How SingleStore Works

The Distributed SQL Database Built to Power Data-Intensive Applications


Accelerate time-to-insight with a
database built for fast ingest, high
concurrency and low latency.


Build on a cloud-native data platform designed
for today’s most demanding applications and
analytical systems.


Get the familiarity & ease of integration of
a traditional RDBMS and SQL tooling to
simplify your application architecture.
Simplified Architecture

Bringing Simplicity & Ease to Your Data Architecture

SingleStore is the ideal all-in-one database for operational analytics and AI/ML-powered applications that requires fast data ingest, high performance queries and elastic scaling with familiar relational SQL.
Modern Architecture with SingleStoreOld Legacy Architecture

Optimized for Modern Workloads

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Awards and Recognition

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