Operational Analytics

Deliver faultless, ultra-fast insights across applications and analytics

Get Real-Time Insights & Experiences through Operational Analyticskey-benefits

Enable continuous monitoring and discovery of insights to make faster, more informed decisions,
improve customer experiences, and operations. SingleStore delivers the fastest and most scalable reporting
and analytics across all of your operational data; including streaming, real-time, and historical data.

Fastest Event-to-Insight Performance

Deliver against the toughest service-level-agreements using distributed lock-free ingestion and real-time query processing
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Streaming Ingest
Eliminates costly data integration tools through built-in batch and real-time data pipelines
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Columnar Powered Analytics
Fast petabyte scale analytics with columnstore compression
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Compiled Queries
Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries

Unbeatable Scale

Elastic scale-out architecture delivers consistent predictable response under high ingest and user concurrency
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Distributed SQL
Balance data and queries across a cluster of cloud instances or commodity hardware for maximum performance
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Resource Governer
Prevent unintended queries from consuming all available query execution memory in the cluster
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Memory Optimized
Ultra-low latency for scalable transactions and analytics

Built for the Enterprise

Fault tolerant with military-grade security to support mission-critical applications and sensitive data environments
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Full Encyrption and RBAC
Efficiently manage simple or robust security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance
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Audit Trail
Database logging writes all activities to a secure external location to support information security tasks
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Strict Mode
Prevent permissive data access from rogue database administrators using strict security configuration control to protect against insider threats

Drop-in Compatibility

Plug-in directly with existing technologies and skills with support for standard SQL, BI and modern data tools like Spark and Kafka
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Streaming inputs include: Apache Kafka and Spark Database inputs include: S3, HDFS, Files
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Perform ad hoc analysis with business intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker, Microstrategy and more

Operational Analytics Architecturearchitecture

SingleStore Operational Analytics Architecture

SingleStore Accelerates Operational Analytics

SingleStore is the ideal all-in-one database for operational analytics that require fast data ingest, high performance queries and elastic scaling with familiar relational SQL.

Example Applicationsapplications

Wealth Management Dashboard

Consolidate multiple application sources using Kafka for a unified event streaming service into SingleStore to power a complete portfolio view real-time and historical data with interactive query response
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Millions of Data Points Monitored in Real-Time

Scale data infrastructure to deliver real-time monitoring and analysis of your most precious assets
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Predictive Maintenance

Sense and respond to costly maintenance events before they happen. Ingest, analyze and alert with sub-second response.
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Delivering portfolio analysis on more than $2 trillion in assets

10x Scale Improvement from Scala Workers
We went from a cycle of data refreshing that essentially went around the clock, to just an hour or two at night. Now we can actually scale as we bring on new clients.
— Robert Speck, CTO
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