Monitor and Detect in Real Time

Why SingleStore For Monitoring and Detecting in Real Time?overview

Most organizations strive to keep up with the influx of data or to use it when it matters. Ingesting and analyzing machine, sensor or application data delivers more value when acted on in real time. SingleStore gives organizations the ability monitor and detect anomalies in rapidly changing data through its innovative real-time ingestion, database and analytics platform.
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Real-Time Data Ingestion
Collect and store multiple streams of data in a relational format, without relying on slow batch ETL.
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Fast Query Response
Discover anomalies or predict events as it happens using standard SQL complex advanced analytic queries.
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Ecosystem Compatibility
ANSI SQL compliant, built-in integrations with Apache Spark, Kafka and popular business intelligence tools like Tableau.
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Mixed Workload Analytics
Run analytic queries while you ingest data to get instant insights for real-time decision making.

Example Applicationsapplications

Operational Reports and Dashboards
Improve reporting accuracy through live and historical data with real-time reports and dashboards.
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Data Warehouse Modernization
Keep up with real time data demands with a modern, scalable, highly concurrent data warehouse platform.
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Location Analytics
Track, analyze and forecast the location of assets, customers or devices in real time using built-in Geospatial functions.
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Solving for Hyperscale

Shutterstock’s Secret to a Healthy IT Infrastructure
SingleStore is the platform to handle our scale and provide real-time insights, allowing us to effectively manage our infrastructure and detect anomalies.
— Chris Fischer, VP Technology Operations
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