Real-Time Solutions for the Internet of Things

Why SingleStore for IoT Analytics?overview

As always-on devices and sensors proliferate, their data must be ingested and actionable in the moment. Their infrastructure behind each IoT application will be powered by a real-time database. SingleStore supports fast ingest and concurrent analytics for sensor systems, delivering instant actionable insights.
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Streaming Data Ingest and Store
Collect and store multiple streams of data into a relational format for real-time or historical analysis, without relying on slow batch processing.
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Fast Query Response
Instantly discover anomalies or predict events in the moment with memory optimized standard SQL.
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Proven Compatibility
ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves data accuracy that works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools.
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Unlimited Scale and Highly Available
Shared nothing architecture for scale out or up using industry standard hardware. Built-in resilience keeps the database online. Deploy on-premises, as-a-service or a hybrid of both.

Example Applicationsapplications

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance Sense and respond to costly maintenance events before they happen. Ingest, analyze and alert with sub-second response.
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Connected Vehicles
Manage fleet operations in real time combining live and historical data for improved decision accuracy and planning.
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Smart City and Meters
Monitor utility consumption for anomaly detection and planning to optimize costs and improve customer service.
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Lightning Fast Real-time Analytics on Large Datasets

Comcast can proactively diagnose potential issues from real-time intelligence and deliver the best possible video experience.
We’re now able to aggregate statistics across the entire US as well as glue on to complex streams for complex analysis. We like to say we gave the gift [of SingleStore] to a lot of groups at Comcast.
— Christopher Lintz, Senior Principal Architect
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