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From IoT to fraud analytics, cybersecurity and more, modern applications need access to data and insights in real time. Yet legacy data platforms can't handle fast-moving data streams to drive analytics instantly on data as it lands — and an overwhelming number of databases further complicate your ability to get the data you need, when you need it.

Unlike traditional data warehouses or specialized analytical engines, real-time analytics workloads demand a set of key requirements that set them apart:

Streaming Data Ingestion
Data needs to be continuously ingested from diverse sources as it's generated, and be immediately available for indexing and querying. Batch data loading or ETL isn't good enough.
Low-Latency Analytical Queries
Adhere to strict SLAs for latency (100s of ms or less) on analytical queries serving interactive applications, dashboards, APIs and data products to ensure the best data experience.
Flexible Indexing
The ability to enable low-latency data access in a variety of scenarios including selective queries, full-text search queries, geospatial queries and more.
Aggregations & Complex Analysis
Millions of real-time queries across tens of thousands of users
High Concurrency
Apps are often customer facing and can experience spikes in usage, and need to support high concurrencies of thousands of analytical queries a second.

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With a distributed SQL database that unifies both transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB delivers fast, real-time analytics on your data.
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Why SingleStoreDB for Real-Time Analyticswhy-single-store-db-for-real-time-analytics

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Streaming Data Ingestion

High throughput, parallel, exactly once streaming ingest of millions of events per second from diverse data sources including Apache Kafka, blob stores (S3, Azure blob storage, GCS) or HDFS.

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Reliable Support for Complex Queries

SingleStoreDB's SQL query processor matches the performance of top data warehouses on popular analytical benchmarks, including TPC-H and TPC-DS.

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Three-Tiered Storage

Our Universal Storage format brings together the fast table scan performance of a columnstore and selective seek performance of rowstore index, together with cloud object storage.

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Unified Architecture

SingleStoreDB unifies transactions and analytics in the same engine to deliver high-performance analytics on operational data in real time — without the need for data movement

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Strong High Availability

Applications should stay online and be highly available — even when facing hardware failures or day-to-day management operations like database upgrades and schema changes.

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Separation of Storage and Compute

Applications don't need to give up elasticity or unlimited storage to get low latency ingest and query capabilities.

Transactional and Analytical Workload Performance: A GigaOm Database Benchmark Report

How transactional and analytics performance impacts the TCO of cloud databases.

This report highlights the performance testing results for SingleStoreDB, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, as well as in-depth TCO testing and analysis.

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Accelerate Your Data Warehousesaccelerate-your-data-warehouses

Enabling analytics in real time doesn’t mean you have to start over. Leading organizations are augmenting their legacy or cloud data warehouses with SingleStoreDB to drive ultra-fast analytics and power intelligent, data-intensive applications.

20-100x Faster Time-to-Insights

High throughput parallel streaming ingestion together with super low-latency queries to drive faster time-to-insights

Run Apps & Analytics Efficiently

Offers the stability to run fast analytics and apps directly on SingleStoreDB while lowering costs

Up to 50% Lower Costs

Accelerate your data warehouse to deliver better price performance and overall lower TCO of up to 50% with SingleStoreDB

Trusted by Innovative Companies of Every Size
Benjamin Rowe
Benjamin Rowe,
Cloud and Security Architect, Arcules
Getting that video data fast is ultimately what our users want, and it’s the lifeblood of Arcules. We’ve achieved that with SingleStore.
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Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta,
Senior Technical Consultant, Dell Technologies
We considered MariaDB and NoSQL databases, as well as Oracle Database in-memory. What we wanted was a relational database that had the speed of NoSQL. We chose SingleStore.
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