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Power your SaaS apps with a cloud-native databaseintro

Today’s world demands modern applications that process data at faster speeds and deliver real-time insights.

Even more, modern SaaS apps should be fast, interactive and scale easily, while having the ability to run anywhere and handle any data. How do you meet the demands of a data-intensive SaaS application? It starts with the right database.

Built with speed and scale to power modern, data-intensive applications, SingleStoreDB is a distributed cloud-native database that unifies and simplifies your data — all while accelerating SaaS application performance.

Data Ingest
Ultra-fast ingest enables parallel high throughput for millions of events per second
Query Response
Super-low latencies fuel response times of 10 ms or less for many customer-facing apps
High concurrency enables consistent performance for thousands of real-time queries across tens of thousands of users

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With a distributed SQL database that unifies both transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB delivers fast, real-time analytics on your data.
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Data Intensity and the Five Critical Components That Impact Application Performance

Is your data infrastructure ready to power limitless user experiences?

High-volume, high-velocity workloads are increasing at a fast rate. Get a better understanding of data intensity, and determine the right data architecture to meet your data requirements.

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Bring analytics to your applicationsbring-analytics-to-your-applications

SaaS applications need to drive fast, interactive analytics on operational data in real time. Without a database that supports this ability, you risk increased complexity and costs, slow-moving data and backbreaking latencies, and multiple points of failure.

SingleStoreDB provides an engine that unifies transactional and analytical workloads without data movement to power modern SaaS applications — empowering you to break through the performance bottlenecks of single-node databases with an infinitely scalable, distributed system.

Modern SaaS Applications Need a Combination of Operational and Analytical Capabilities


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    Fast Record Lookups
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    Streaming Ingest
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    Fast Writes
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    High Concurrency
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    High Avaliability
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    High Resiliency
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Venn Diagram - OLTP and OLAP, with SingleStore in the area of intersection


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    Blazing Fast Queries
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    Fast Reads
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    Large Data Size
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    Large Data Load
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    Resource Governance

SingleStore knows SaaSsingle-store-knows-saa-s

When it comes to powering modern, data-intensive SaaS applications, your underlying data engine makes all the difference. SingleStoreDB enables ultra-fast ingest, super low-latency queries and multi-model support — and meets every other SaaS application requirement.





Fast, Interactive Data Experiences

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Brings together fast transactions and analytics in the same engine, with no data movement

Real-Time Data Access

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Don’t wait for your data; up to millions of events/second using Pipelines, with super low latency analytics

Effortless Scale

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Infinite Elasticity

Scale your applications including scale-out HTAP, and Unlimited Data Storage

Any Data, Anywhere

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Support multiple data types (JSON, time-series, geo, full-text search, relational) and run in multi-cloud or hybrid-clouds

Resiliency & Recoverability

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Power enterprise apps including HA,DR, limitless PITR and multi-AZ failover

Frictionless Developer Experience

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Simplicity and Programmability

Including MySQL wire protocol and connectors to Spark, Kafka and dbt to quickly launch new apps

Familiar SQL at Cloud Scale

Built for speed and scale without replacing existing tooling and SQL skills.

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Eliminates costly data integration tools through built-in batch and real-time data pipelines
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Flexible Data Formats
Fast petabyte scale analytics with columnstore compression
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Enterprise Interoperability
Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Experience dramatic cost savings and superior performance compared to on-premise systems, while efficiently using resources to keep cloud infrastructure costs down.

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Simplified Architecture
Eliminate the need for multiple data engines including operational databases, analytical databases and speciality databases
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Highly Compressed Columnstore
Columnstore compression of 80-90% minimizes data volumes and storage costs
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Commodity Hardware
Balance data and queries across a cluster of cloud instances or commodity hardware for maximum performance

Leading SaaS players and Tier-1 enterprises choose SingleStore
Aviram Cohen
Aviram Cohen,
Executive Vice President, R&D, Armis Security
Queries that would time out completely under ElasticSearch are now processing in less than 10 seconds with SingleStore, and some clock in under 1.5 seconds. We moved from the entire data pipeline including ElasticSearch costing more than $1 million annually to paying a fraction of that for SingleStoreDB Cloud, reducing our data pipeline cost by 70%.
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Emmanuel Kala
Emmanuel Kala,
Director of Engineering, Ant Money
We're a lot more responsive with regards to freshness of data. We can now get data on the minute as opposed to on the hour or every 24 hours. Also, because of SingleStore’s separation of storage and compute, we can score some tremendous savings on the scaling front as well. We sleep a lot better now, as we only worry about the application itself rather than the application and the underlying data store.
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