SingleStore for IBM

IBM and SingleStore: Accelerate Insights For Your Data Teams

SingleStore for IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides a database built for fast and high-performance queries to help enterprises accelerate their time to data insight. SingleStoreDB is purpose-built for data-intensive applications and helps organizations ingest data continuously to perform operational analytics. SingleStoreDB is designed to give applications optimized performance for near real-time decisions and dynamic experiences.

The IBM Cloud-SingleStore partnership delivers:

Greater Flexibility

Run your workload consistently regardless of underlying infrastructure

Lower Cost of Ownership

Elastically-scalable and dramatically cheaper than on-prem solutions

Proven Security

Comprehensive security without compromising performance

See How it Works

How SingleStore Works

The Distributed SQL Database Built to Power Data-Intensive Applications


Accelerate time-to-insight with a
database built for fast ingest, high
concurrency and low latency.


Build on a cloud-native data platform designed
for today’s most demanding applications and
analytical systems.


Get the familiarity & ease of integration of
a traditional RDBMS and SQL tooling to
simplify your application architecture.

SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.

The cloud-native operational database built for speed and scale
Accelerate business with instant insights delivered by the world’s fastest database for operational analytics
Create your future on a platform made for the demands of the data revolution, including machine learning and AI
Transform on your terms - with the familiarity and efficiency of SQL, and an architecture that bursts through limits
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