Product & Design

We are realizing the vision of SingleStore, one data platform for all workloads, running anywhere.overview

We take overall business objectives and combine them with user insights to uniquely solve a problem. Which result in well-articulated product concepts, formulated with clear goals and benefits, designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We work to ensure that our products are useful, delightful, and timely.

Eric Hanson - Director of Product Management

Eric Hanson

Director of Product Management

I love working at SingleStore because of great technology, great people, and a customer-first mindset. Our fast, distributed SQL database that can handle both transactional and analytical workloads is a first in the industry. It has code generation, vectorization, rich programmability, and more. This strong, differentiated technology is tough for others to compete with. And my teammates are amazing – the talent level is better than anywhere else that I've worked.
Julie Price - Senior Product Manager

Julie Price

Senior Product Manager

Working at SingleStore is a ton of fun. I get to work with cutting edge technology and incredible people. It's a wonderfully collaborative environment where we all challenge each other to learn, grow and build high-quality solutions. I really enjoy getting involved with the different interest groups and getting to know people outside of my org. Even though I'm remote, I feel well-connected to my teammates and colleagues across the globe.
Manish Kumar - Senior Product Manager

Manish Kumar

Senior Product Manager

Working at SingleStore has been a great learning experience. Being innovation led and having a customer first approach to problem solving gives me the right opportunity to solve real world data challenges faced by customers. I am amazed by the talented group of people I collaborate with to make the customers successful. The opportunity to take ownership and be able to shape the next generation of database technology is something that excites me about SingleStore.


Product Management

This team works on directing what we build to make SingleStore the best-in-class enterprise database service. That is easy to use and manage.


This team is responsible for driving the end-to-end designs across SingleStore Products and Platforms. This includes, user experience, interaction design, research, visual design, and branding.


This team is responsible for documenting and describing how SingleStore works, in an easy to understand manner for complex database topics. They are key to ensuring our customers are successful.