Launch Pad

Envision the Database Market Futureoverview

The Launch Pad Team keeps SingleStore at the forefront of innovation in data and analytics. We transform creative ideas into solutions and accelerate the delivery of critical capabilities through partnerships. Our team represents SingleStore as an active participant in the data ecosystem.

Focus Areafocus-area

Transform creative ideas into solutions
  • Develop prototypes to help guide the direction of our products
  • Research and develop original product solutions and extensions
  • Evaluate technical alternatives
  • Participate in the research community
Foster a culture of innovation throughout the company
  • Improve engineering and business processes and practices
  • Help projects get off the ground within other teams
  • Cross-pollinate skills through team rotations
  • Inform and enable through original content
Accelerate the delivery of critical capabilities through partnerships
  • Participate in technical deep dives with partners and customers
  • Identify and nurture opportunities for technical integration
  • Develop custom features to enable strategic relationships
  • Evaluate technical solutions and capabilities
Represent SingleStore as an active participant in the data ecosystem
  • Highlight SingleStore capabilities internally and externally through the development of example solutions
  • Raise awareness, inform and enable through blog posts, webinars, meetups, and speaking engagements

Open Positions

We're not currently hiring for any postions on this team, but check back later.