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Unleash the Power of Your Data with the Real-Time Distributed SQL Database

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The One Database for All Data-Intensive Applicationsintro

With near ubiquitous connectivity driving high-velocity, high-volume data workloads, SingleStore’s innovative database enables companies to simplify their data architectures while delivering the ultra-fast speed and elastic scalability needed to create breakthrough experiences.

Single Database
A one-stop, single modern database that unifies data models and data types
Operational Analytics
Low-latency, consistent queries and processing for data-intensive workloads
Handles transactions and analytics, effortlessly and concurrently
Data Agnostic
Supports all data types — structured, semi-structured, unstructured — across hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments
Expert Support
Supported by a proactive technical team of experts
Generates real-time insights via single-pane-of-glass experience

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With a distributed SQL database that unifies both transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB delivers fast, real-time analytics on your data.
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SingleStore powers real-time applications and analytics with breakthrough performance

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