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SingleStore is a rising star in the data space: a late-stage scaleup experiencing massive growth, with a solution running on the Big 3 clouds and hundreds of customers including 100+ Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000, and Inc. 5000 brands. Here are some of their stories:
Mauricio Aristizabal
Mauricio Aristizabal,
Principal Data Architect,
We looked at four players: SingleStore, BigQuery, Cloudera, and Snowflake. Several of the competitors have good features, but they all had a pitfall or two that held us back, whereas SingleStore really ticked all the boxes.
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Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis,
Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics
We are now all in on SingleStoreDB Cloud, which has allowed us to drop Redis, DynamoDB, and MySQL, saving us an absolute fortune in monthly costs while dramatically improving performance.
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Charlie Joseph
Charlie Joseph,
Chief Executive Officer, Analyse
SingleStore is hands down the go-to choice if you want an out-the-box solution without fearing maintainability. I no longer have to cache results with Analyse, so my customers get a live dashboard and I get to focus on building features, not infrastructure.
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Christoph Malassa
Christoph Malassa,
Managing Consultant / Head of Analytics and Intelligence Solutions, Siemens

SingleStore is the fastest database ever tested by us.

We have tested various SQL databases including SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL (in different flavors) and SingleStore is easily 20x faster than any of them; depending on the query we have seen 100x improvements for analytics queries.
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Mohammed Radwan
Mohammed Radwan,
Head of Engineering, Foodics
With SingleStore, we can just plug and play and do everything we need to empower our customers. It allows us to focus on what we are really here to do: serve our customers.
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Franco Gilio
Franco Gilio,
Co-Founder and CTO,
SingleStore has seriously decreased our infrastructure complexity, allowing us to move faster and with more confidence. This all started with search, but now it's far bigger than that. By implementing SingleStore, we get to impact everything.
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Dendi Suhubdy
Dendi Suhubdy,
CEO and Co-Founder, Bitwyre
SingleStore offered the millisecond performance, scalability, high availability, and fault tolerance upon which we can confidently run a global cryptocurrency exchange.
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Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher,
Co-Founder, Thorn
I had to go to sleep every night and think about that little girl who was still being abused and how if I built the right thing we could save her. So we did.
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Emmanuel Kala
Emmanuel Kala,
Director of Engineering, Ant Money
We're a lot more responsive with regards to freshness of data. We can now get data on the minute as opposed to on the hour or every 24 hours. Also, because of SingleStore’s separation of storage and compute, we can score some tremendous savings on the scaling front as well. We sleep a lot better now, as we only worry about the application itself rather than the application and the underlying data store.
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Aviram Cohen
Aviram Cohen,
Executive Vice President, R&D, Armis Security
Queries that would time out completely under ElasticSearch are now processing in less than 10 seconds with SingleStore, and some clock in under 1.5 seconds. We moved from the entire data pipeline including ElasticSearch costing more than $1 million annually to paying a fraction of that for SingleStoreDB Cloud, reducing our data pipeline cost by 70%.
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Kumaran Vijayakumar
Kumaran Vijayakumar,
CEO and Co-Founder, DataDock Solutions
At first we thought SingleStore was ‘too good to be true,’ but it delivered performance exactly as advertised. SingleStore gives us the ability to make the exactly right data and analytics available to our customers at the right time, in real time.
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Benjamin Rowe
Benjamin Rowe,
Cloud and Security Architect, Arcules
Getting that video data fast is ultimately what our users want, and it’s the lifeblood of Arcules. We’ve achieved that with SingleStore.
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Pierre Bazoge
Pierre Bazoge,
Founder, Captain Metrics
We hit the sweet spot with SingleStore. If you cannot do massive analytics, you need SingleStore. If you don't want to manage a clone of your data in a separate database like Google BigQuery, you need SingleStore. If you need to work on fresh data, you need SingleStore.
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Michael Zimberg
Michael Zimberg,
Chief Technology Officer, Digital Asset Research
Some batches are running at around seven milliseconds. They’re so unbelievably fast. SingleStore enables us to be thousands of times faster. Our platform can do everything we need it to in less than a second.
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Robert White
Robert White,
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, SeedCMS
The summary dashboard used to take hours to load because of the database timeouts or processing of 500,000 entries. We were trying to jam it onto Google Firebase and get it back as fast as possible, so that was a major bottleneck. Now with SingleStore, the raffle submission data is processed in real time.
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Michel Bardelmeijer
Michel Bardelmeijer,
The support we got from SingleStore went above and beyond, and we said to ourselves: ‘Great product, great support, let’s implement right away’.
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Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta,
Senior Technical Consultant, Dell Technologies
We considered MariaDB and NoSQL databases, as well as Oracle Database in-memory. What we wanted was a relational database that had the speed of NoSQL. We chose SingleStore.
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Albert Alemany
Albert Alemany,
Chief Technology Officer
Before SingleStore, we had to look at our data from the surface because our back end didn’t allow us to go deeper. Now we can crunch the data in different ways in real time that allow our users to extract insights they couldn’t see before.
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 Gerry Morgan
Gerry Morgan,
Lead Developer, dailyVest
SingleStore is consistently faster for us than Azure SQL. I was really blown away. I waited an hour for 12 months of cached financials with one plan to run in Azure SQL. Then I ran it in SingleStore and it was done in three minutes.
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Martin Hansen
Martin Hansen,
Co-Founder and CTO, Heylink
We initially set up SingleStore to offload some pressure from our current databases during the Black Friday period. This proof of concept went so well we kept it running for six months before deciding to go all in and use SingleStoreDB Cloud. We were able to provide faster results for our users and scale out better than our old solution.
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Praveen Das
Praveen Das,
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO)
We have a lot of incoming data, and all of it is now available in real time for analysis. We went from taking 2-5 minutes to run a query on 50 million records to 20 seconds. That's on average a 30X faster query response.
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Josh Blackburn
Josh Blackburn,
Founder and CTO, IEX Cloud
We’ve been able to consolidate multiple databases, run our platform faster, and speed the onboarding processes for new data sets.
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