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Operationalizing Predictive and ML Applications with SingleStore

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Operationalizing Predictive and ML Applications with SingleStore

Machine learning and AI-driven applications have incredible potential impact, with the ability to drive billions of dollars in revenue in industries such as retail, banking, high tech, and beyond. A critical success factor to this emerging class of analytics is making operational data available for the purposes of ML and AI applications. In this webinar, we’ll explore how leading organizations are using the latest in modern data infrastructure to support the design and operational success of their ML/AI powered applications.

Register to:

  • Learn how modern data ingest enables scoring of streaming data with AI/ML models
  • See how to extract data and score within the application with your favorite tools like R, NumPy, and more
  • See how to deliver an operational data hub for creating and deploying model-based applications without having to change existing data systems
  • See how deep learning can work with a modern data platform to allow fast image matching

Speaker: Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager at SingleStore

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Duration: 30 minutes
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