Monitoring Made Simple with

Powerful Management Tooling

Quickly identify and improve query response with the SingleStore Studio interface. API driven deployment tooling accelerates installation and setup while plugging-in with existing management frameworks.

SingleStore Studio

Monitor All Your Cluster Resources and Queries for Better Performance

Monitor Overall Cluster and Pipeline Health

Quickly see the health of clusters, databases, pipelines, and nodes including storage usage, database events, and pipeline activity

Query Profiler Delivers Historical Use Statistics

Collect query profiles to learn about the state of the cluster over a period of time to see what queries and resources are utilizing the most time

Visualize Query Plans for Faster Tuning

Quickly inspect and visualize query bottlenecks to pinpoint performance optimizations with an intuitive visual interface to help focus your query development efforts

Rapidly Build and Optimize Queries

Built-in query editor provides a fast more intuitive way to build, load, and run queries without switching tools

Explore Key Database Configurations

Perform at-a-glance inspections of clusters and databases with views of database names, structures, disk and memory utilization, partitions, and compression stats

Deploy and Manage Clusters like a DevOps Pro

chef puppet ansible
Simplify deployment by plugging-in with existing management frameworks.
Dramatically simplify SingleStore deployment to multiple host machines to install a SingleStore cluster. Perform uninstall and upgrade commands with single commands.
Perform a series of administration functions including creating and managing nodes. Run simple commands to create and delete nodes, assign a role, configure them into a cluster as well set licenses and configuration variables.
A pre-built report used to ensure hardware is optimally configured for running SingleStore. Run the command and get a pass/fail report across hardware, operating system, and overall cluster health before running production workloads.