SingleStoreDB Cloud Pricing

Experience the best-in-class speed, capability, and reliability of SingleStoreDB, available instantly and on-demand in the cloud. With SingleStoreDB Cloud, customers can reduce the operational expenses and resources associated with managing the database and shift their attention to supercharging queries and application performance. Learn More

Features Include

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    Fully-managed and resilient database-as-a-service with Universal Storage capabilities
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    Automated provisioning, configuration, upgrades, and elastic scaling
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    Cloud agnostic deployments on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
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    Pay only for what you use with dynamic billing based on Compute and Storage usage


Compute consumes a fixed number of credits per hour, and can be scaled up or down to increase or decrease performance. Compute is separate from Storage fees that are listed here and is metered granularly by the second. For questions on pricing, volume discounts and deploying in another region. [Contact Us] (/contact/)

US East 1 (N. Virginia) - Tier 1


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Credits per Hour (CR)

Cost per hour ($)

16 GB
0.25 CR
32 GB
0.5 CR
64 GB
1 CR
128 GB
2 CR
256 GB
4 CR
384 GB
6 CR
512 GB
8 CR
768 GB
12 CR
1024 GB
16 CR
1280 GB
20 CR



Compute credits are used by SingleStore deployments during the time in which they are running. Each deployment size and region corresponds to the rate at which credits will be used. Billing is done at the end of each month and credits are rounded down to the nearest whole credit. On-demand usage is billed at the list price of $2.60 per credit.


SingleStoreDB Compute Credits are tied to the edition of the product purchased. Credits purchased for SingleStoreDB Cloud 'Standard' are not applicable to 'Premium' and vice versa.


We recommend selecting a region close to where you will be transferring data to improve transfer times and data transfer fees. If you don’t see your region available, please contact us to make it available.


These are sample deployment sizes, SingleStoreDB Cloud supports deployments much larger than shown above.


A virtual cpu in SingleStore corresponds to a single threaded processing core made available to run SingleStore processes.


Memory is allocated in SingleStore for running query workloads, storing row store tables which are persisted in memory, and caching columnstore tables persisted to disk.

Monthly Price

This is what you would be charged for 24x7 usage for 730 hours. You can suspend or resume a cluster at anytime and only be charged for actual usage.

Flexible Pricing Model

For questions on product pricing and volume discounts. Contact Us


Storage Tier
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Price per Avg GB per Month

Average GB stored

Storage is billed monthly and is separate from compute charges. Storage charges are only incurred for storage used and are calculated based on the average total number of GB used per month. Object storage is allocated to SingleStore nodes and stores node-specific data as well as columnstore tables.

Data Transfer Usage

First 10 TB of Ingress and 1 TB of Egress- Included. Additional Usage of Data Transfer at the Cloud Provider Rates.

Private Endpoints

Data processed through a private endpoint in SingleStore incurs cost.

| Storage Tier | Outbound Private Endpoint | | ---------------------- | ------------------------- | | Price per GB processed | $0.01 |


Free Trial Usage

Test out SingleStoreDB Cloud with $500 of free credit to evaluate a current workload or launch a new application. Contact sales to extend your evaluation.

High Availability

SingleStore is built on a cloud-native and highly resilient architecture that features high availability within the cluster. When cloud instances fail, SingleStore transparently handles the failures, replaces instances, and maintains cluster availability to the application.


SingleStore handles all provisioning and management of the cluster and customers have access to 24x7 support from SingleStore for resolving issues that arise while using the database. SingleStore provides the same support and services available for self-managed deployments of SingleStore. Learn More


Secure, with encryption of all data at rest, and TLS/SSL encryption for over-the-wire connections to the cluster. SingleStoreDB Cloud also provides for Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) whitelisting to restrict the networks that can access a cluster. Additionally, SingleStore has secured industry-leading security certifications including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and Privacy Shield. SingleStore is also fully compliant to the requirements of HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR. Learn More

Security Certification Badges


SingleStoreDB automatically provisions infrastructure, deploys and configures cluster software, maintains availability, provides scalability, performs backups, and handles software updates including SingleStoreDB, system software, and infrastructure.

We do not charge for loading data into SingleStore. However, such operations might incur costs from the service you load data from. Planned built-in features such as exporting or replicating data into different regions, different cloud providers or other the internet, will incur costs in line with the starting price band that cloud providers commonly charge.

SingleStoreDB performs daily backups on all data.

Backup and Point In time Recovery are charged at the standard storage rate that depends on the regional tier that you stored your data.

Workspace and storage are billed separately to make it easier for you to see the level of compute resources consumed. Workspace is metered granularly by the second. Storage charges are only incurred for storage used and are calculated based on the average total number of GB used per month. Object storage is allocated to SingleStore nodes and stores node-specific data as well as columnstore tables.

When you suspend a workspace, we stop billing for that workspace as soon as the workspace is suspended. When your workspace is paused, you will be charged for the storage within the workspace group.

Yes, we charge after compression. Compression on average is about 80% (e.g. 100 GB of raw data will be compressed as 20 GB on average).

To give you the most accurate information on sizing, contact us to discuss your schemas, queries, and tables together. Request a Quote

We support direct payment methods such as credit cards but let you consume SingleStoreDB through Google Cloud Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and AWS Marketplace.

Yes, purchasing commitments are a great way to save up on your workspace resources compared to on-demand pricing. Contact us to learn more about commitment.

SingleStoreDB is built on a cloud-native and highly resilient architecture that features high availability within the deployment. When cloud instances fail, SingleStoreDB transparently handles the failures, replaces instances, and maintains availability to the application.