20x to 100x Faster Analytics Through Data Warehouse Augmentation

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20x to 100x Faster Analytics Through Data Warehouse Augmentation

What You'll Learn in This eBook

In this eBook, you will learn how you can dramatically increase data warehouse performance and accelerate time-to-insights by enhancing your data ingestion capabilities, increasing query speed, and providing exceptional concurrency for all types of analytic activities—often at only one-third the cost of running legacy infrastructure.

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See What’s Possible
See how you can achieve 100x faster analytics and performance while driving significant cost reductions.
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The Best of Both Worlds
Get the exceptionally fast transaction and lookup performance of an operational database, together with the scalable analytics of a data warehouse.
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Real World Evidence
See three case studies from customers who get real-time data visibility, blazingly fast analytics, and dependable fast dashboards.

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Learn how you can simplify your data architecture, accelerate your time-to-insights and save money.

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