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Quick Start Bundle consists of training courses plus architecture and consulting hours to accelerate your success with real-time analytics using SingleStore. SingleStore training includes live demonstrations, hands-on labs, ready-to-use AWS EC2 environments, and certification exams. Our Expert Services gives you access to a SingleStore Expert and these services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Bundled Services

| Services | Basic | Essentials | Enterprise | | ----------------------- | ---------------- | ------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------- | | Instructor-led Training | Developer Course | Developer Course Administrator Course* | Developer Course Administrator Course* | | Architect Hours | 16 | 40 | 160 | | Sr. Consultant Hours | - | - | 56 | | List Price | $11,000 | $25,000 | $75,000 |

* Can be converted to 40 Sr. Consultant hours

Expert Servicesexpert-services

SingleStore Expert Services provide advisory assistance to customers on key architectural topics, which are critical for deploying and optimizing the SingleStore environment.

The topics include:

  • Overview of SingleStore architecture
  • Schema optimization
  • Query tuning
  • Security, such as RBAC, Kerberos, SAML, SSO, auditing
  • SingleStore Tools (e.g. CLI / Studio)
  • Cluster health check
  • Monitoring
  • Overview of SingleStore architecture
  • H/A and failover capabilities (to meet RTO and RPO objectives)
  • Backing up and restoring databases
  • Stored Procedures
  • Pipelines
  • Planning for upgrades
  • Cluster expansion

Implementation Servicesimplementation

The SingleStore Implementation Services provide general purpose consulting services to support the implementation and deployment of SingleStore. The scope of the work varies from engagement to engagement, and it will be described in a Statement of Work (SOW).

There are generally 4 types of Services:

Best-In-Class Expertise

SingleStore team to develop best practices and provide knowledge transfer

Architecture Guidance

SingleStore team to provide ongoing architecture support, which can span across multiple applications.

Co-Delivery Model

SingleStore to jointly deliver a critical project with a customer or a partner

Developer Staff Augmentation

SingleStore to provide developer resources to work alongside the customer’s application team

Migration Servicesmigration

The SingleStore Migration Services provide a process driven approach for migrating another database solution or workload to SingleStore. It is an end to end service utilizing tools from SingleStore to shorten the time taken for data migration.

There are 4 critical components:

Existing DB Analysis

Analysis of existing database solution to define schema and application ingest requirements.

Data Mapping

Define data mappings and validation required to ensure data integrity during the migration

3rd Party Interfaces

Connect end applications to the SingleStore databases and verify processes are working as before

Data Conversion

Conduct data conversion processes to migrate data to SingleStore

Education Serviceseducation

SingleStore Developer and Administrator Training enables developers with the skills to run and to manage SingleStore products from Day 1. Virtual Instructor-led training accelerates your team’s application development and deployment of SingleStore. These trainings are ideal for Application Developers, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Machine Learning Engineers.

Developer Training

This training enables your SQL developers, data scientists, and data analysts to program for Fast Analytics and Intelligent.

Courses include:

  • Datasets with Pipelines, JSON and Geospatial data
  • Query Tuning, SQL Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions
  • Core storage and distributed concepts include architecture, rowstores, columnstores, reference tables, shard keys and indexes.

Administrator Training

This Training prepares your Application Developers to successfully deploy SingleStoreDB Self-Managed for on-premise, air-gapped servers, and cloud cluster environments.

Courses include:

  • Fundamentals on SingleStore infrastructure an overview of distributed architecture, and
  • Practice labs for the online and offline deployments
  • Advanced Courses on: columnstores, shard keys, SingleStore Tools and Studio, Security, Upgrades, Backup and Restore Management, and Operations for Snapshots, High Availability, and Monitoring.

Technical Account Managementtech-account

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a SingleStore expert who is embedded with the customer to provide regular deployment and operational guidance. A TAM is also included in the Platinum Support package. This Technical Account Manager has the following responsibilities:

  • Technical point of contact for critical tickets
  • Provides insight into the customer’s application to SingleStore Technical Support and Engineering
  • Capacity planning and scaling activities
  • Architecture advisor on key topics, such as data ingest, backup, query tuning, and performance
  • Internal advocate for the customer
  • Schedules regular calls to review any issues or roadblocks

DBA As-A-Servicedba

SingleStore DBA-as-a-Service offers a pool of expert database administrators (DBAs) to help monitor, manage, and maintain your SingleStore deployments. SingleStore’s expert DBAs help ensure healthy operations of SingleStore environment(s), supporting the adoption and success of your cluster deployments. DBAs work as an integral part of your team to prevent or quickly resolve problems in your environment.

Advisory Services

Ensure overall architecture, application design per best practices, and query performance analysis

Remote DBA Services

DBA Services, backup & restore, scheduled patches and releases with expert troubleshooting


Proactive operations by building automatic monitoring scripts and alerting systems

Frequently Asked Questionsfaq

Inside, you will find several machine learning use cases, code samples to help you get started, and recommended data processing architectures.

The delivery of the Implementation Pack will be scheduled at a time mutually agreed upon between you and SingleStore. Cancellations of scheduled Implementation Packs must be made at least two weeks prior to the event without incurring additional fees in accordance to the Implementation Pack Terms.

  • Assign a designated contact You will need to assign a designated person from your staff who will grant all approvals, provide information, attend meetings, and otherwise be available to assist the Specialist in facilitating the delivery of the Implementation Pack. Assign and make available your technical staff who are knowledgeable regarding the applications, systems, and network infrastructure.
  • Full cooperation SingleStore’s specialist’s ability to deliver the Implementation Pack is dependent upon your full and timely cooperation with SingleStore, as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information and data you provide to SingleStore.
  • Testing and Data Backups Your company will need to lead all testing efforts. Perform application, interface integration, functional, performance, and acceptance testing. Move all backups to tape, or other medium, and ensure the proper data recovery plan is in place for any environment involved in this work.

We can come to your office if it’s necessary. However, your company will be responsible for Travel and Expense costs. You will need to ensure a safe and healthy workspace. These costs can be paid for prior to the engagement or upon completion of the Implementation Pack.

You can limit the Specialist’s access to any production environment, shared development environments, and customer data, to the minimum extent necessary for the Specialist to deliver the Implementation Packs.

  • Hardware and Operating System maintenance and repair
  • BI tool development or implementation
  • Complex data schema translation and development
  • Software maintenance
  • Other standard support services provided by SingleStore
  • Changes in scope are not allowed for this Implementation Pack

This Implementation Pack is governed by the terms specified in the SingleStore Implementation Pack Terms and Conditions. All capitalized terms used in this Data Sheet, but not otherwise defined, will have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms. In the event of a conflict between this Data Sheet and the Terms, this Data Sheet shall take precedence. This Data Sheet is the Statement of Work for the Services described herein.

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